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Resologics keeps it confidential!

It probably goes without saying, but you'll never find a client name on this page. Resologics will describe and report the work its practitioner(s) have been involved in without divulging details that would compromise confidentiality. As we begin working with with you, there may be specific pre-approved references to share to deepen your trust in our model.


"I am so thankful to the both of you for so much.  For your time, effort, your great listening skills and thoughtfulness.  I thank you guys so much for all of your help and support in my difficult time." - Mediation Client, Bay Area CA.

"Without your support we would have lost our business. Thank you." Crisis support client, Europe.

"We are growing and better than we have ever been from a team standpoint. Nice working with you." Ombuds Client, Bay Area, CA

“Your leadership, participation, and support made a huge difference for the outcome of the meetings.” Mediation Client, CEO, Non-Profit, Washington DC.

 “Very interesting and informative! Excellent program!” - Training Participant, San Francisco, CA.

“We couldn’t have even been in the same room, let alone come to agreement, without your help. Thank-you.” - Mediation Client, Oakland, CA.

“The training went well as the content was well organized, relevant and valuable. The presenter was clear and caring and had a great teaching style." - Workshop participant, Portland, OR.