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Quantitative Tools

RESOLOGICS adds a unique perspective to the investigation process by deploying proven quantitative tools to measure team dynamics, and specifically, the capacity to work with conflict. Each tool measures a unique set of parameters that look at the team as a whole and output datasets that show a current view, and predictions of, how a team of people will function under conflict pressures. Tools are deployed confidentially, quickly, on-line, and can be tailored to specific team/investor needs.

You receive a report that quantitatively describes the team as a whole, reports on strengths, and interprets results to outline risks. Reporting can act as an additional go - no-go gauge for investors as well as an easily understood conversation/process starter for investors and team leaders to make change.


  • Team Diagnostic™ Tools: Measure 14 team dynamics capacities including conflict 
  • Conflict Climate Inventory™ Tool: Measures 16 team capacities about conflict readiness
  • Organizational Culture Inventory and Organizational Effectiveness Inventory by Human Synergistics
  • Resologics Custom Surveys: We work with our clients to create custom tools that will create unique insights for unique teams.

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