Engage With Conflict to Harness Its Power


Assess how well your team takes advantage of constructive conflict. 
(takes less than 5 minutes; on-line; no cost)

Learn about what it means to have a contract Ombuds integrated into your team.
(takes 5 minutes +/- to learn basics; on-line; no cost)

Clarify your understanding of your team's performance with the Team Diagnostic® tool and a coached debrief.
(takes less than 2 hours; on-line & in person; cost = bottle of wine and/or lunch)

Grab some out of the box ideas about engaging with conflict at the resoblog.
(takes as long as you stay interested; on-line; no cost)

Explore your team's conflict opportunities with a pro.
(takes 60 minutes or less; via phone/video; no cost; no obligation)


Plug in to regular conflict engagement leadership tools with the resologics newsletter.
(delivered quarterly-ish via e-mail and takes a few minutes to read; no cost)