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Confirm the Need
The starting point to the building of a program is to inform and then establish the need with the decision makers in the organization. Buy-in from every level in the organization is a final goal for the program and this buy-in process starts in step one.

Results: confirmed need; contract to go through process; identified organization project leader; identified consulting lead; initial draft budget approval; time line approval.

Gather the Team
A small nimble group of experienced practitioners, organization representatives, and project specific consultants is assembled. This team builds sound, customized operating procedures, the details of the program, and confidence, from the outset.

Results: committed team of ideally qualified people that will build the program.

Assess the Organization
Collecting information about the current culture, conflict capacity, management practices, and unique needs of the organization, are critical components in building a resilient and sustainable program. By surveying, interviewing, conducting strategic meetings of stakeholders, and using assessment tools, an accurate picture develops that informs the core structure of the program.

Results: information that summarizes the needs of the organization.

Create the Structure
This stage provides a real, tangible operating structure for the Ombuds program to work within. A custom reference document (charter) defines the program; a position description details the Ombudsperson(s) and their experience; finalized budget, reporting, and measurement tools are defined.

Results: approval of the program structure and green light for next step.

Start the Work
The Ombudsperson or Ombuds team is searched for and hired (Resologics practitioners may fill this role in some cases). The program development team transitions out of their role into any ongoing position(s). The Ombuds begin services as defined in the Charter and including; managing the program; marketing the office; working cases; training/education; collecting data for reporting; etc...

Results: an operating Ombuds program with all the benefits to the organization.

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Measure and Evaluate
By reporting at regular intervals, collection of data system wide, and comparisons of before and after metrics, a picture of actual value to the organization becomes clear.

Results: a system that allows ongoing analysis of the value of the program to the organization.


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