using the power of conflict to build stronger workplace teams


Conflict is one of the most powerful tools teams must learn to work with. Positive outcomes come from anticipating and engaging conflict. Negative outcomes from conflict emerge when it is ignored.

Engage With Workplace Conflict to Harness Its Power.


the concept in action

The Resologics Conflict Advisory model delivers high performance communications to your team, no matter what size it is...

more proof of concept

Conflict resiliency in teams, delivered via Organizational Ombuds Offices, is providing returns on investments for 1,000's of organizations in all sectors. This is an emerging trend worldwide... (here's a small sampling)



The highest performing teams have a plan for conflict. Organizations that foster constructive conflict are more creative, innovative, productive and resilient. In today’s competitive environment, these are key elements to success.

Our team of practitioners will assess your team’s unique needs and customize services to meet those needs. With ongoing On-Call Ombuds services we help your team stay in the creative tension zone - improving communication, trust and performance.