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Welcome to the Cost of Conflict Calculator™

Although conflict in teams can have positive or negative outcomes, unmanaged conflict almost always results in negative outcomes in the form of real dollars. This tool estimates those costs using averaged industry data and your team dynamics information.

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"Amazing! This tool actually delivered to us a close estimate of what the company has spent over the past year on a conflict. Similar number to what we got and it took us weeks to come to our cost estimate." - Organizational Ombuds, USA

"Less than five minutes and I know that I have got to do something about what is going on within our team. Costing us a fortune! - Startup CEO, Bay Area, CA USA

"I'd like to please use this tool as a base line assessment ice-breaker for a class I am teaching to organizational leaders about conflict resolution." - Mediator/Trainer, NY, USA

"Thanks for this tool. My eyes are open. My head is clear. Appreciate your time in building it and sharing it so freely." - HR Director / People Ops, LA, CA USA

"We wonder if Resologics would be interested in developing a multi-language version of this for international use in conflict mapping?" - International consulting group, Washington DC, USA