What is Team Coaching?

we fully engage to understand the needs of your team. The result is a plan consisting of a customized set of process steps that fit each team perfectly. The complex made simple...
— Team Coach - Mark

Team Coaching is a guided process where participants move through the steps of discovery, objective setting, change implementation, iterating, and learning. In team coaching the team learns to see itself as a single system that is responsible for delivering results. A powerful understanding of both individual and group behaviors becomes clearer, trust is built, communications and results are optimized.

Some of the common steps in the team coaching process include:

  • Discovery and understanding of the team by the coach
  • Interviews and 1:1 meetings with team members
  • Diagnostic Assessment(s) to understand the team dynamic
  • Customized strategy and process design
  • Coaching sessions with the team
  • Workshops and training sessions with the team
  • Measurement of the team system and progress toward change
  • Follow-up coaching sessions with the team
  • Celebration of success!

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