Confidentiality & Privacy

Confidentiality is critical to the work we do and we are serious about it. Resologics understands your desire for privacy, security and confidentiality. Most Resologics projects involve proprietary business information and sensitive internal issues. When you request Resologics services, the information that you share is confidential. As we move through the project, we will have discussions regarding the information that you share with us and expectations regarding the information gathered. This is an ongoing conversation.

Prior to commencing work on any project with you or your organization we will have a thorough conversation with you, and answer any questions you may have, about the important issues of Privacy and Confidentiality.

On-line tools like the Team Diagnostic, Conflict Climate Inventory, as well as other Organizational or Team information gathering online tools, fit well into the confidentiality structure Resologics believes in. Information is held in strict confidence at every point in the process in order to enhance the participation quality and results of the surveys, and to protect your investment.

On-line calculators collect information and produce results in reports that contain no identifying information about the user or the company. In some cases Resologics will collect and use demographic information from these tools in order to improve long-term performance.

In certain dispute resolution processes, such as mediation, many states have legally created mandates regarding the disclosure of information exchanged in mediation. Each state has different rules but, in general, communications made during the mediation process are privileged. “Privileged” means that parties would, in most circumstances, be unable to testify in court about what was said during the mediation session nor would parties be able to subpoena the mediator to testify or bring in their notes about the mediation in a later court hearing if that became necessary.

At Resologics, we destroy notes after a particular case is completed and we strive to keep as few notes of any kind during ongoing relationships with our clients. In those cases where we maintain information about an organization, we use proven secure methods and services to protect the information.

Resologics Ombuds and General Practitioners are neutrals who meet the definition of mediators and whose communications with visitors are for the purpose of initiating, considering, or reconvening a mediation or retaining the ombuds, and thus assert the mediator’s privilege for all communications with visitors. Additionally, Resologics Ombuds assert that all communications with their offices are made with the expectation of confidentiality and are therefore entitled to a privilege. In particular the State of Nevada Statute 48.109 sets out these rules. By providing visitors with a confidential reporting mechanism, Resologics Ombuds Offices also assist their clients in meeting the important confidential public reporting objectives set forth in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.