Build More Trust Within Your Team

a team without trust is like a rocket without fuel
— Mark Batson Baril

Trust Works.jpg
Whether it’s high or low, trust is the “hidden variable” in the formula for organizational success.
— Stephen M.R. Covey
…Creativity-related conflict with coworkers escalates into dysfunctional relationship conflict when employees have low rather than high trust in those coworkers.
— Onne Janssena, Ellen Giebelsb. European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology.

There must be a simple, quick way to build trust in a team, right? Don’t fool yourself. This holy grail of team dynamics is as complex as the varying personalities, backgrounds and experiences of each and every member of your team. However, we’ve put these variables into a formula and foundation which we use with teams to fuel the process of building team trust, and it works!

Here’s the juicy truth: Contrary to the assumptions most of us make, developing our level of trust is NOT a singular exercise. Instead, we’ve found that there are differences, and in some cases vast differences, in the way we each formulate our trust for others. In other words…

We don’t all trust or distrust for the same reasons.

That was the ton-of-bricks-hitting-us moment! And we got to work on collecting the data, developing a set of common criteria, and creating the model that would help teams get this trust thing buttoned up tight so they could get on to the work they’re meant to do.

So now what? Well, let’s fuel that rocket!