Mediation Services for Organizations & Teams

What We Do
Resologics provides mediation services to organizations in the middle of unproductive conflict and disputes. We facilitate negotiations and help teams find effective ways to communicate, determine the real issues to be resolved, make informed decisions, and work on options to end the dispute. The work we are best at and enjoy the most involves mediating changes in interpersonal relationships and behavior.

What Our Expertise Is

Our mediation practice backgrounds include working on:

  • complex multi-party interpersonal disputes and team dynamics issues

  • co-founder and executive level disputes

  • family business matters

  • mergers & acquisition related disputes

  • evaluative relationship related conflicts

  • peer and colleague related conflicts

  • bullying

  • career progression and development issues

  • safety, health, and physical related dilemmas

  • union related cases

  • financially sophisticated projects

  • organizational, strategic, and mission related disputes

  • values and ethics related problems

How We Do It
If you and your team are in the midst of a dispute, you are probably full of confusion, frustration and concern. You might be worried about losing money, clients, your job, your reputation, production capacity, and perhaps your own identity. Mediation addresses all of these concerns. We keep the process simple and focused on addressing your concerns. Our mediations ensure that the people involved make the decisions about substance while we run the process that surfaces the choices. In mediation, we provide you with the guidance and the tools to be in charge of your future.

Resologics practitioners adhere to strict standards including the Model Standards of Conduct for Mediators and the International Ombudsman Association Standards of Practice


References also available by request

I have enjoyed our collaboration which ultimately allowed us to break out of gridlock. Your advice and support has been extremely valuable in forging a way forward.
— Startup CEO, USA/Europe
Thanks so much for stewarding this process and helping us come to concrete positive changes and action items. You made a challenging process safe and productive.
— Gov. Agency Director, CA - USA
Thank you so much for your help on such short notice. You really saved the day! The team is doing well.
— Charter School Principal, CA - USA
I am so floored by that conversation. I didn’t expect to come out with such a different perspective on things, but I suspect you saw it coming. Thanks for orchestrating the meeting and your gentle facilitation.
— Startup Director, Bay Area CA - USA
Thank you very much for meeting with our team yesterday. Your work was phenomenal. I greatly appreciated your style of facilitating a conversation, and I learned a lot from listening to you. You are a very special human. Thank you again,
— Team Director, Los Angeles CA - USA
Mark is our company ombudsman. He acts in a coaching role for us and helps us all continue moving toward what he refers to as High Performance Communication. He’s been a great asset to the company in helping us stay on track with being a high performing team that communicates well.
— Co-Founder, Denver CO - USA
We think you’re the greatest! Terrific to work with you, and grateful for your skills in handling a tough scene.
— Not For Profit SR Director, CA - USA