Resologics Team

I help stakeholders in high-potential organizations. Before, during and after promising teams get entangled in internal strife, clients invite me to step into the tension and help the team maintain balance and use conflict to their advantage. It’s a delicate, uncertain and high-stakes space. And it’s a thrill to support promising organizations as they navigate these often unchartered challenges. Conflict engagement & management has been proven to be an effective tool in large organizations for years. And yet it’s still an untapped opportunity for small to mid-size organizations and startups. They may diligently attend to finances, strategic planning, and marketing, but they don’t give the same care to the social bonds that underlie these operations.

Mark Batson Baril
Senior Practitioner

The evidence is clear: The highest-performing and happiest teams are those that have solid competence in conflict engagement. Organizations that foster constructive conflict are more creative, innovative, productive, and profitable. This is why I work with leaders who know that a super team dynamic is the top priority in meeting their mission and making change in the world. I use my three decades of experience to help teams build trust, high performance, and that constructive conflict creativity ‘edge’ that spurs innovation.

The greatest inspiration for my practice is supporting clients in realizing their goals to make a significant difference in the world. They are entrepreneurs, executives, organizational visionaries, HR strategists, and team leaders. Whether they created a large employee centered internet-based business, started a new service that has changed the face of customer service in the US, or run an organization that helps resolve pressing community issues, their success is driven by deeply-held values that guide their actions. In this fast-changing global environment, creating innovative, high-performing teams is key to succeeding in meeting these goals.

Thirty years and three successful businesses brought me to my passion for conflict engagement in organizations. I’d worked with numerous teams for clients like Lockheed Martin, Medtronic, 3M, GE Healthcare, and Burton Snowboards, and came to realize the enormous performance differences among teams - and what it takes to make them work more effectively. Resologics was born as a result of this realization.

I hold a M.S. in Mediation and Applied Conflict Studies from the Woodbury Institute and a B.S. in Business and Personnel Management from Merrimack College. I have been trained as an Ombudsman by the International Ombudsman Association, and Certified as a Team Performance Coach by TCI/ICF. Tapping into this toolbox of experience allows me to customize service to my clients, meeting them exactly where their greatest need is to achieve the biggest impact.

When I’m not working, I love being outdoors with my partner Cate, friends, and my dog Jambi, trail running, hiking, skiing, biking, camping, and paragliding.

Wendy Lucas Wood, PhD
Senior Practitioner

Since my work in the fields of organizational development, management, training, research, dispute resolution, systems design and peace building began, I recognized the value of finding ways to engage in our work that Does No Harm, or at least, not make things worse. What became clear to me is that there are costs to conflict – costs that we see in the short term and costs that may not be realized until somewhere down the road. Yet these costs are real; they are expensive both personally and professionally; and they cause harm. Resolving internal and external conflicts, and getting to the heart of those conflicts, has enormous benefits. Organizations, teams, systems, and individuals find conflict management and resolution to be essential to their effectiveness, productivity, sustainability, and overall happiness with their work, their organization, and the clients and customers with whom they are engaged.

As a mediator and conflict resolution professional, my work has been primarily in governmental and non-governmental organizations and community benefit corporations, as well as for-profit businesses, elementary and secondary schools. Specializing in facilitation, dialogue, and conflict resolution with high conflict and traumatized individuals, groups, and teams, I have worked at the local, state, national, and international levels rebuilding the capacity to mediate trauma and build conflict resolution capacity in post genocide Rwanda; designing trauma-informed conflict resolution practices in New Orleans post hurricane Katrina; and building trauma literacy and conflict resolution skills for native Hawaiian social, health and education systems.

I hold a Doctorate Degree in Human Science with a specialization in conflict resolution and narrative inquiry, a Masters Degree in Health Sciences Administration, and am a certified mediator from The Center for Dispute Resolution and the University of California, Berkeley. I live with my husband, Dean, in Northern California where we raised five fine children and maintain a small farm.

Scott Martin.jpg

Scott R. Martin
Senior Practitioner

I am a convicted social entrepreneur with a passion for peace building.  Since age 17, I have enjoyed running several loosely related businesses and volunteering in the non-profit sector. 

My career as a licensed Landscape Architect has afforded me the opportunity to live, study and work in such diverse places as Japan, Italy, India and Dubai. All the while travelling to almost 50 countries around the world developing not just language aptitude but a cross-cultural sensitivity that affects nearly all the work I do. I continue to maintain a practice in Southern California where speaking fluent stakeholder, contractor and local government are paramount to successful design.

In 2012, I successfully pitched my social venture on ABC’s Shark Tank to billionaire investor Mark Cuban. Mark and his team continue to play an active role in The Living Christmas Company where we are able to employ dozens of disadvantaged workers to deliver living Christmas trees as an alternative to cut or plastic ones.

My non-profit work includes 6 years serving as a founding board member for Environmental Charter Schools and as Past President of Mediators Beyond Borders-LA Chapter (MBB). I had the pleasure of working with both Mr. Baril and Dr. Wood as Co-Leaders in Rwanda developing trauma aware mediation programs and continue to volunteer as a mediator with the juvenile courts’ Victim-Offender program.

Im currently completing my Masters in Negotiation and Peacebuiding from Cal State Dominguez.

Weekends are spent either competing in professional stilt walking competitions, running with my dog, Kota, or relaxing with my family at our small avocado farm in North County San Diego.