Conflict Warning Signs

Identifying a brewing people problem in real time is critical to a team functioning well. This list of conflict warning signs in organizations has been compiled from participants in several Conflict Basics classes at startup accelerators.

  1. Dysfunctional meetings
  2. Bad e-mails
  3. Tense relations
  4. “Over-the-top” reactions within the team
  5. Opposing groups forming within company
  6. Repetitive patterns of disagreement
  7. Entrenchment of disagreement
  8. Inability to move forward and productivity slowdowns
  9. Loss of trust
  10. Unusual level of feeling of pressure given the circumstances
  11. Avoidance of working with some or all people
  12. Effected relations with external vendors
  13. Hiding behavior from outsider’s view
  14. Conflict behavior downward spiral - (see basic training)
  15. Escalation of alignment on conflict curve - (see basic training)
  16. Call by some for outsider help
  17. Feelings of being unwelcome
  18. Anger
  19. Confusion
  20. Anxiety
  21. High turn-over
  22. Communication has stopped

Wonder how far along the Conflict Curve your team is?  Explore more here.

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Click the calculator to see a real $ picture of your team's specific Warning signs

Click the calculator to see a real $ picture of your team's specific Warning signs

We push our businesses hard to get into the ultimate creative zone where our teams interact vigorously, push ideas to new levels, hash out ways to approach change, implement tasks quickly. That "creative tension" zone is powerful, exciting, and walks an edge where it is easy for even the highest functioning teams to cross the line into areas where people start to lose trust or confidence in one another and the team begins to move out of the zone.

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