Anne Sawyer.jpeg

Anne Sawyer

Senior Practitioner
Los Angeles

"Sometimes the most important communication isn't what is said.  My goals are to listen, engage and provide skills needed to move forward and embrace change."


I work with individuals and large groups to support their ability to engage, manage and productively resolve conflicts. As a mediator, facilitator, conflict resolution trainer and consultant, my work ranges from prevention, self-mediation, individual coaching, peer-to-peer mediation and process design for ongoing resolution and strategies.

Motivated by the belief that effective communication in all its layers and aspects is what moves us forward to embrace and make change, I welcome the opportunity to work in a variety of situations. My clients include individuals, universities, non-profits and other corporate entities.

Over three decades, I have worked with conflicts ranging from workplace mediation, settlement negotiations, community and business disputes, to divorce and post-divorce, negotiations. The situations and players may vary, yet each one requires engaged listening and skilled understanding of the nuances of communication and relationships. I believe that insightful analysis is the crucial starting point to a successful conflict management process, so I offer to my clients a particular expertise in conflict assessments.

In addition to my work with Resologics, I currently serve as the Executive Director of the Southern California Mediation Association, a non-profit association dedicated to Mediators and mediation education in the Southern California area. It is a rewarding collaboration with my board of directors, volunteers, strategic partners, mediation associations and schools all over California and nationally. Our goal is to build a more visible, influential, and resilient mediation sector in California.

My professional journey began in the legal field as a certified paralegal and law firm administrator, working in civil litigation and labor and employment arenas. This experience gave me deep insight on the nature of conflict and how it can lead to entrenched situations that require the often wrenching and expensive process of litigation. I became inspired by the power of mediation to resolve conflict before it heads to the courts, and pursued extensive mediation training from Pepperdine University, MTI Institute and AIM Institute.

I live in coastal Orange County, California where I am in the midst of raising three children. I spend as much time as I can on the water and I am an avid music fan.