Conflict Climate Inventory™

The Conflict Climate Inventory (CCI) is a unique assessment for understanding and improving conflict handling skills in a team. It draws on findings from over six decades of study, combined with 20+ years of hands-on experience working with over 60 organizations, that show how to best engage with conflict at work.

How the CCI helps

Information provided by the CCI:

  • The overall influence of an organization’s climate on its members’ conflict management
  • The influence of specific aspects of conflict climate.
  • Differences in conflict climates among various work units, and individual employee differences in experiencing the conflict climate.

The CCI enables users to:

  • Compute a conflict climate score for each member who fills out the survey.
  • Compute a mean climate score for the organization or unit.
  • Compute scores for specific aspects of conflict climate and identify areas for improvement.
  • Compare scores for individual members.
  • Break down the broad problem of conflict management into manageable, measurable categories.
  • Recommend evidence-based ways to improve organizations’ conflict climate.

The Conflict Climate Inventory™ tool is a trademark of Conflict Climate. Graphics, text descriptions, and specific models are ©copyright of Conflict Climate Inventory and are used here with permission. RESOLOGICS is a certified facilitator for the delivery and interpreting of these assessment tools.