Trusted Navigators

At a time of accelerated change, Ombuds serve as trusted navigators, engaged by people and organizations to inform critical decisions for a lasting and positive impact. For organizations and leaders of all types, ombuds help survey the terrain, assess risk, monitor trends, address challenges, and advocate for fair processes.

With the cost of workplace conflict estimated at $359 USD billion per year, organizations know that an effective Ombuds can yield a high return on investment. Executives estimate they lose more than $144,000 per day in time lost to interpersonal conflict, miscommunication, poor decision-making, and more.


A Source of Engagement and Empowerment

Ombuds engage in constructive problem solving toward the goal of instilling respect, civility and justice in communities, organizations and professional relationships. Companies with highly engaged employees are found to have 10%-15% higher profits. The Resologics Ombuds:

  • Empowers individuals and organizations to overcome disputes, conflicts and barriers that stand in the way of reaching their full potential.

  • Helps public and private sector organizations anticipate and avoid risk, litigation and costly damage to brands and reputations.

  • Conducts training and education, and coaching and facilitation for organizations and individuals facing challenges large and small, which may include: Workplace and employee conflicts; Whistleblowing and compliance issues; Ethical, legal or policy violations; Any variety of complaint, conflict or dispute, large and small.

  • Pressure-test new ideas, initiatives and proposed actions of large, complex and high-stakes organizations.