Cost of Conflict Calculator

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"Amazing! This tool actually delivered to us a close estimate of what the company has spent over the past year on a conflict. Similar number to what we got and it took us weeks to come to our cost estimate." - Organizational Ombuds, USA

"Less than five minutes and I know that I have got to do something about what is going on within our team. Costing us a fortune! - Startup CEO, Bay Area, CA USA

"I'd like to please use this tool as a base line assessment ice-breaker for a class I am teaching to organizational leaders about conflict resolution." - Mediator/Trainer, NY, USA

"Thanks for this tool. My eyes are open. My head is clear. Appreciate your time in building it and sharing it so freely." - HR Director / People Ops, LA, CA USA

"We wonder if Resologics would be interested in developing a multi-language version of this for international use in conflict mapping?" - International consulting group, Washington DC, USA