Ombuds Have the Tools to Build and Strengthen Relationships

Ombuds complement People Ops teams by:

  • Having the unique expertise to work in complex conflict situations. Here’s our Ombuds Position Description.

  • Identifying systemic trends and risks that help leaders make informed policy and management decisions.

  • Building and strengthening productive and effective relationships between organizational departments, partners and professionals.

  • Performing outreach to diverse constituencies and stakeholders about alternatives to traditional conflict resolution.


Ombuds are a Source of Empowerment, Fairness and Equity

Ombuds around the world engage in constructive problem-solving toward the goal of instilling respect, civility and justice in communities, organizations and professional relationships. We empower individuals and organizations to overcome disputes, conflicts and barriers that stand in the way of reaching their full potential.


Ombuds Hear the 4% of an Organization’s Community Who Typically Go Unheard

Industry data shows us that on average Ombuds see approximately 4% of an organizational community over the course of a year. For a variety of important reasons these folks cannot use the standard established channels, yet find their way to being heard by an Ombuds. Think what you are missing…