Impact Study - Business Incubator


Organization Details:
Ownership: Worker Owned
Industry Sector:  Consulting, Training, Business Development, Events

Entry Situation:
Small organization delivering large fast paced short events to a multi-experienced audience wants to heighten transparency, safety, inclusiveness, innovation and minimize the negative impacts of conflict at events

Dollar Impact Summary
- Benefit to Cost Ratio: (undetermined to date)
- More impact info: see below

Organizational Goals:

  • Produce events that are:
  • Innovative; inclusive; fun; safe; rewarding; productive; profitable; and positive reputation building
  • Anticipate event busting conflicts both before the event and in real time during the event
  • Enhance an organizational reputation for cutting edge services and inclusiveness of all people

Resologics Role(s):

  • Contract Ombudsman Services for 2 events in 2014
  • Contracted for 5 events in 2015

Here's What Happened:

  • Ombudsman services supported all organizational goals and helped create an atmosphere that recognized and embraced conflict.
  • Ombudsman confidential reporting on past events and the conflict systems that emerged helped organizers plan and prepare for future events

Primary Conflict System at Play:
N/A - see also Resologics Hackathon Ombudsperson page

Short-Term Impact:

  • Reputation of organization was enhanced

Expected Long-term Impact:

  • Higher performing hackathon teams

  • Expansion of the business in all areas