Impact Study - Startup, On-Line Referrals


Organization Details:
Ownership: Multiple Co-Founders, Multiple Investors
Industry Sector: Startup, On-line referral services

Entry Situation:
An experienced co-founder team had a variety of team dynamics experiences in previous startups and decided that team communication was critical to the success of this venture. Pre-Series A funding, they were looking to put their team in order and scale out good team dynamics as more people were added. Team first, everything else follows.

Dollar Impact Summary

  • Benefit to Cost Ratio: (to date - 18months) (8:1 ++)
  • Estimated Cost of reduced innovation up to Entry Point: $Unknown
  • Estimated ongoing team dynamics lost opportunity/innovation per month pre-engagement: $12,480
  • Ongoing Cost of Resologics Services: $1,500 per month
  • More impact info: see below

Organizational Goals:

  • Attract outside funding sources
  • Grow organization, revenues and profits
  • Build even deeper trust and solid communications
  • Build and live a culture determined by the team rather than via ad hoc
  • Increase transparency, safety and inclusiveness for all employees
  • Ensure the team learns and iterates from a team learning standpoint

Resologics Role(s):

  • There was an opportunity in this quickly growing organization to set a culture of solid communications and trust right out of the gates and Resologics was brought in to support that effort early.
  • Coaching, 1:1 and in group
  • Training
  • Team monitoring and Pulse Dashboards
  • Full Ombuds Services, Option building, Mediation, etc...

Here's What Happened:

  • Resologics performed base line assessments for the co-founder team and provided regular coaching and confidential pulse monitoring. As the team grew the same services have been expanded to everyone. Trainings, coaching, option building, facilitated meetings, team coaching, and ombuds services are now part of the norm for this team.

Visible Impact:

  • 2 rounds of funding +$10m in place since services started
  • Revenue and number of users is up
  • Customer satisfaction is up
  • Culture is understood by all including new hires
  • Conflicts are used to the team's advantage
  • Closer knit, safer, more inclusive feeling team. Resilient culture.
  • Attrition is nearly non-existent
  • Metrics show team dynamic is improving every month

Expected Long-term Impact:

  • Highest possible performing team
  • Expansion of the business in all areas
  • Continuing gains in revenue and profitability and users
  • Entrenched culture of people first that will survive an acquisition
  • Organizational readiness to be acquired for maximum price in less than five years