Step 1 - Decide to Engage


A Resologics practitioner works with you to see if the timing is right for your team to up its level of conflict resiliency. We use short diagnostics, open ended conversations, and a flow of information to support your decision to move forward (or not).

Sometimes this involves a single person making a decision but more often than not, multiple decision makers are involved in the conversation.

Topics Often Include:

  • Reasons why these services benefit the team.
  • What the team is experiencing right now and what it needs.
  • What the team leader needs.
  • What the organization needs.
  • Preliminary measurement of the team dynamic.
  • Process steps to see results.
  • Details of the services being offered.
  • Experience of Resologics practitioner(s).
  • Success stories and data points. References.
  • Trust building with an outsider.
  • Pricing and contracting.
  • Timing of start. Where and when is a good starting point.