Impact Study - Manufacturing Business


Organization Details:
Ownership: Single Owner, C-Corp
Industry Sector: Design and Manufacturing Services

Entry Situation:
Disruption of workflow due to interpersonal destructive disputes within the work team(s). System wide communication breakdown and avoidance issues.

Dollar Impact Summary
- Benefit to Cost Ratio: (3:1)
- Estimated Cost of Conflict up to Entry Point: $16,227
- Estimated ongoing conflict costs per month pre-engagement: $4,000
- Total Cost of Resologics Services: $5,500
- More impact info: see below

Organizational Goals:

  • Get the current situation under control and the teams back to work.
  • Look at the overall system of team dynamics and initiate a long-term plan to support a higher performing team
  • Support training and education needs for specific people where needed
  • More saleable business and/or succession potential

Resologics Role(s):

  • Mediation
  • Coaching with individuals within team
  • Coaching with leadership to discover overall goals
  • Team Diagnostic Assessment (Team Leader View)
  • Team Diagnostic Assessment (Full Team View)
  • Ongoing team coaching centered on organizational culture, communications, team agreements, etc…
  • Training in conflict awareness

Here's What Happened:

  • Mediation supported the immediate need to get the team back to work and through the rough spot. Mediation was successful and resulted in a closer working and personal relationships between the core people involved.
  • The coaching work, and Team Diagnostic work revealed a team that had been working in an unspoken norm situation for over a decade. Although that norm had produced good results, the team coaching, training, and outside support instantly created a more dynamic and inclusive working atmosphere.
  • The Team Diagnostic and team coaching work has also led to long-term team agreements being put in place along with continuing work on “the team” in motion.

Primary Conflict System at Play:

  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Accommodation and group norm behavior
  • Lack of team agreements

Organizational Impact:

  • Ongoing and early for impact measurements – Less than 6 months since initiation. Follow-up assessments due in 6 months.
  • Teams were back to work and productive quickly
  • Last quarter sales and profit best ever level in company history
  • Happy and engaged leadership team
  • Closer working teams with more tightly defined mission and goals

Expected Long-term Impact:

  • Higher performing team with higher scoring team dynamics
  • Continuing gains in sales and profitability
  • Organizational readiness to be acquired for maximum price