Impact Study - Home Services Organization


Organization Details:
Ownership: One Owner Business
Industry Sector: Home Services

Entry Situation:
Newly purchased company under changed management looking to quickly improve structure and skills of multiple teams. Approx. 75 people within all teams.

Dollar Impact Summary:
- Benefit to Cost Ratio: (12:1)
- Estimated Cost of Conflict up to Entry Point: $202,000
- Estimated ongoing conflict costs per month pre-engagement: $16,800
- Total Cost of Resologics Managed Services: $7,500/per year
- More impact info: see below

Organizational Goals:

  • Improve team performance
  • Reduce turn-over costs
  • Improve management to employee relations
  • Increase revenues and profit ratio

Resologics Role(s):

  • Ombuds Office including Monitoring, Reporting, Conflict resolution and engagement. 
  • Team Coaching tools deployed in the long-term.

Here's What Happened:

  1. An uncovering of the major issues getting in the way of the organization reaching goals led to a hard look at practices and the culture of the company and the teams. As management faced issues head-on and with an extra set of impartial eyes, change became systemized, normal, and accepted.
  2. People at all levels of the organization learned to have difficult but necessary conversations that would help propel the business forward.
  3. Small issues stayed small as they were handled in an early and proactive manner.

Primary Conflict System at Play:

  • Change of management and long-term habits around communication and team functioning. Fast growth anticipation and frustrations around meeting goals.

Short-Term Impact:

  • The organization is thriving
  • Decision making capacity has been enhanced
  • Revenue and profits are at an all time high
  • Management has in place documented methods for continued improvement

Expected Long-term Impact:

  • Happier workers
  • Higher performing team
  • Expansion of the business
  • Continuing gains in revenue and profitability