Step 3 - Measure & Understand the Team


Resologics works with the team to measure their team dynamic and conflict resiliency. We believe strongly in understanding where the needs of the team are so we meet those needs. This up front work is accomplished in a variety of ways including one or more of the following:

  • Looking at what is in place now for conflict engagement.
  • 1:1 interviews with leadership, key players, team members and sometimes stakeholders.
  • Reviews of Vision, Mission, Core Values, Org Charts, Strategic Plans, Project Outlines, etc... to understand the overall and micro picture.
  • Reviews of existing data on culture, communications, and other areas.
  • Deployment of proven diagnostics in a variety of forms including:
    • Resologics Conflict Resiliency Score tool.
    • The Team Diagnostic™ suite of tools.
    • The Conflict Climate Inventory™ instrument.
    • Customized instruments when appropriate. We specialize in team conflict and work with our clients to create custom tools that will create unique insights for unique teams.