Step 4 - Choose and Deploy a Module

decide on a module.jpg

The result of the upfront gathering of information and mapping of needs is a picture of what services the team/organization will be best served by. Resologics works with the project leader(s) to make a decision on which service module(s) to deploy first. These proven service modules include:

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proactive modules

  • conflict advisory / on-call ombuds
  • training / workshops
  • agreement building
  • team coaching
  • individual coaching
  • peer mediation
  • implementation & measuring / assessing / iterating

reactive modules

  • mediation
  • conflict coaching
  • conciliation / shuttle diplomacy / consultation
  • reactive training
  • restorative practices
  • arbitration
  • HR formal processes

radioactive modules

  • legal help
  • peacekeeping
  • police / security