Step 1 to harnessing "good" conflict in your workplace

We at Resologics are called in by clients in crisis more often than we would like (because we’d rather help them harness the power of conflict to avoid a crisis). Their teams, partners, and sometimes entire workplace have been virtually shut down by conflict run amok. You probably don’t want to know (I hope you never have to know) the costs involved in these situations - in lost productivity and low morale, court costs and arbitration fees, fires and new hires, not to mention the emotional drain.

This is why I’m so motivated to talk about harnessing “good conflict.” Would you like a powerful innovation asset and productivity-driver in your organization?  You’ll find both when you have a strong group/team that knows how to...

●     Work together collaboratively

●     Listen to each other

●     Feel free to speak up and share ideas (respectfully)

●     Make agreements with each other and keep them

Here’s a great tool to help build strong teams like this.

An effective tool that Resologics employs in our work with leaders and teams is the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI®). You can read more about it, including some valuable insights you can use right away, in my article: 5 Conflict Handling Modes You and Your Teams Should Know About. It’s a self-report assessment that allows you to discover your particular way of approaching conflict.

I’ve witnessed the success of this tool over and over in our client work. We often lead with a TKI® assessment of each team member as a first step to understanding themselves, their own conflict go-to modes, and how others in the group are reacting. This tool is part of the popular modular approach we’ve created to work effectively with teams

We’ve seen how building awareness around conflict and disputes is absolutely necessary to avoid destructive patterns and shape a strong, healthy, creative team and workplace.

For decades, the TKI tool has been the global leader in assessing conflict-handling behavior. It’s an easy, online questionnaire that should take only 15 minutes to complete.  We follow it with a customized analysis of your response, and recommendations on how to enhance, improve, and balance your approach to conflict (no pressure - there are no right or wrong answers…). You’ll get some valuable insight on how you operate as a leader, a partner, or a team member when it comes to relationships with others.

Contact me to learn more about this and other tools to help your organization build innovation assets and productivity-drivers at  or 510.314.8314.