Want Constructive Conflict on Your Team? Get This Tool

We now know how important it is to build the foundation of constructive conflict into your team(s) - not only to harness that creative power, but also to reduce the possibility of negative outcomes from conflict.

I’m reminded some weeks that Resologics is sometimes called in by clients in crisis. The costs involved in these situations can be staggering. This is one of the reasons I’m so motivated to talk about harnessing conflict for good outcomes. A strong group, no matter the size, that knows how to...

  • Listen to each other

  • Safely speak up and share ideas

  • Make agreements with each other and keep them

  • Trust each other

...is a powerful innovation asset and productivity-driver to any organization!

One super proactive tool that Resologics uses in our work with leaders and teams is the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI® Instrument). You can read more about it, including some valuable insights to help right away, in my article: 5 Conflict Handling Modes You and Your Teams Should Know About. It’s a self-report assessment that allows you to discover your own particular ways of approaching conflict.

I’ve witnessed the value of this tool over and over in our client work. We often lead with a TKI assessment of each team member as a first step to them understanding themselves, their own conflict go-to modes, and how others are reacting. You can see a little more about how it fits into the modular approach we’ve created to work effectively with teams here.  We’ve seen how this awareness-building around conflict is absolutely necessary to avoid destructive patterns and shape a strong, healthy, creative team/workplace.

Talk to me about the TKI Assessment - it’s one of those things that really made an impact on me, and I really enjoy working with people to help them get value from it. For this, or to talk more about embracing constructive conflict in your customer relationships, schedule a conversation with me here.




Mark Batson Baril

Mark is a conflict advisor and ombudsman for organizational teams. If you would like to contact Mark please e-mail him at mark@resologics.com

Resologics provides conflict advising services to organizations to help them avoid disputes, optimize team dynamics for better outcomes, and reduce costs. The resologics team can be reached at 800.465.4141 | team@resologics.com | www.resologics.com