I’m an Ombuds - What’s in My Toolbox?


The Organizational Ombuds is being seen more and more as an important service for organizations in a complex world. The profession has existed for centuries yet remains relatively unknown, especially as anything beyond someone to call in for disputes to avoid litigation. 

Yes, we do that, but the real and lasting benefit is when we partner with HR leadership to build a workplace culture which is empowered to overcome disputes, conflict and barriers that keep the organization from thriving.

It’s a little like building a house: A reputable contractor brings in experts in different areas such as roofing, masonry, and electrical systems to ensure that the building will be up to code, run efficiently, and for a reasonable amount of time. This foundational expertise is as important as the actual structure itself to create a viable, lasting living space.

For a business, having an Organizational Ombuds on the team can help in areas like solving workplace problems, creating sound human resource policies, building better communication, and reducing the human and organizational costs of conflict. What differentiates the Ombuds are the professional standards we work by: confidentiality, impartiality, and independence, which means employees - including execs, managers, and other stakeholders - may confidently seek guidance, information and insight from an expert external to the organization.

Ombuds are uniquely trained to serve as a conduit for change, process and programming that serve everyone in the business. Here is what’s in our toolbox, ready to be called upon at any time:

  • Option Building

  • Conflict Coaching

  • Trend Reporting

  • Dispute Resolution

  • Mediation

  • Training

  • Team Development

  • Proactive Conflict Awareness

  • Facilitation

  • Shuttle Diplomacy

  • Conflict Analysis

Our team has combined experience in mediation, team-building, conflict resolution, business coaching, negotiation and peace-building, as well as Ombuds certification and training. When you choose an Ombuds for your organization, you will want to look for this depth of experience.  

One last note to take us back to the beginning about our complex world. Ombuds around the world engage in constructive problem-solving toward the goal of instilling respect, civility and justice in communities, organizations and professional relationships. We at Resologics specialize in supporting organizations and their teams to harness the powers of constructive conflict and communication to reach their full potential. 

This is what makes me leap out of bed every morning with excited anticipation of what kind of transformation, large and small, I might be facilitating in the day to come.